Finding a Philadelphia SEO Company

Finding the right SEO company is a problem for most website owners. The quality of service varies between different SEO agencies. In addition, there is a wide range of services on offer. Most SEO companies and professionals have their own preferred strategy. Some of these companies stick with their methods instead of studying what would be best for a particular client.

Other SEO companies focus on their neighborhood, or on their particular geographic location. A Philadelphia company, for instance, would know more about the city and Pennsylvania, and will be able to customize their services accordingly.

Added to the mix, there are websites which work well with a particular strategy or approach. For instance, some websites have purely graphics posts. There are those which have blogs posted once or twice a week, while others have website updates every day. Of course, for those with a large volume of products in an e-commerce site, this requires a totally different approach altogether.

Every client is unique and each would need the best SEO or internet marketing company for their particular type of website. In finding the best Philadelphia SEO Agency, there are some things to consider:


  1. Emphasis on Analysis. Analysis of the website, as well as their needs, is a required first step. Nowadays, some steps have already become so rigid that some SEO practitioners have boxed themselves in. The nature of SEO is such that professionals have to do catch up or they will be left behind. With an outdated strategy, a website can very easily lose ranking.


  1. Up-to-date. Whenever there is an algorithm update, clients usually find themselves lost. They have no idea what happened or why their rankings dropped or disappeared. The knee-jerk reaction is to fire their SEO service provider. The SEO practitioner should be able to avoid this by being on top of updates and keep their clients appraised of the situation. Updating websites to keep up should be done as quickly as possible.


  1. Flexible Strategies. If a website has not updated their targeted keywords in the last quarter, then they may be losing out on opportunities to rank. If their strategy has not changed in the last six months, then they may have also been penalized or even de-indexed. Such is the nature of SEO. Flexible strategies are the norm for any SEO practitioner.


  1. Transparent methods. White hat methods are transparent by nature. They are transparent to the search engine, and to the client. The SEO service provider should also show this transparency at every step of their methods.


  1. Single point of contact. When dealing with an SEO company, you should be able to reach the person in charge at any time necessary. The changes in SEO algorithm and rankings occur at any time, and losing contact with the person in charge is not acceptable. In addition, SEO strategies and methods are not implemented by a single person alone. However, when you are talking to more than one person, that is a red flag for inefficiencies and can lead to miscommunications.


  1. Receptive and Open Minded. Being open-minded goes both ways. If the website company does not follow the SEO company’s advice, then they should find a different SEO company. In the same manner, if the website owner, gives advice to the SEO firm, then the contractor should also evaluate the merits of the suggestion. There is no single strategy that works for everyone.


  1. Results Oriented. The main reason for contracting an SEO company is to get results. From initial engagement, it takes a few months until ranking is attained. This is a slow process and there is no shortcut. Using shortcuts is also a red flag and may result in a penalty. However, results can be tracked and movement can be seen during the whole engagement. If results are not seen within three or four months from the start of the campaign, the SEO company should come up with a different approach. Or you can find a different SEO company for your needs.


For those who already have a website, search engine optimization is the next logical step. A properly optimized website results in better search results for a given keyword. This leads to more visibility, as well as for a bigger volume of visitors.


However, with the current state of search, the rules for on-page optimization and off-page SEO strategies also keep on changing. This dynamic nature of SEO requires a dedicated team of professionals such as Scarlet SEO to watch over the trends and latest developments. If you’re serious about giving your websites a competitive edge, don’t leave your SEO strategies to chance.


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